First of all Trendds is another amazing product from Mark bishop and it is a viral Software platform

It enables you to find the most searched keywords in any niche.

Trennds enables anyone to be able to see live trending niches and keywords.

  • It finds trending words that have been used recently online and also on that precise moment.
  • It shows you all phrases related to your market.
  • Helps you to rank and gain organic traffic and gives you a back door into any market.
  • Discover ‘Breakout’ trending content which is totally begginner friendly.
  • Users can link there blogs to the trends platform for easy and simple posting.
  • Helps the online marketer drive following and engagement.
  • No need to download because it is web based.

Trends is a SaaS viral platform that finds viral content and related keywords and phrases and therefor is used to organically rank a blog or webpage.

It features a beginner friendly dashboard and built in search function.

You can customize your searches based on your keyword, language and location and time scale.

Trendds features viral content curation and enables you to build your blogs/websites by partnering them with your trendds dashboard

Trendds enables you to post to facebook and twitter and share capabilities and provides product monetization as a result enables you to make money from products from amazon and wallmart.


This product is beginner friendly and does not require technical expertise to use.

we reviewed a similar product called Evergreen wealth formula

Trendds is bundled with 500 monthly keyword searches, 10 blog posts per month, post management features, and step by step video training content.

There are many websites specializing in creating news feeds and usefull informatation and as a matter of fact a lot of those sites have the ability to earn thousands

for instance tech crunch reported to make $14,818 per day

This is a very useful tool to gain that advantage.

Trends by mark bishop

trends consequently makes it simple for the user to find what is popular and trending at that precise moment in time whice furthermore enables the internet marketer to capitalize on that popular keyword and in contrast backdoor into any niche or market.

In conclusion it helps the internet marketer attract visitors to there site through what’s trending at that time

It enables you to have a keen advantage and is a useful for any up and coming or established internet marketer which we find awesome.

So in conclusion with give this product a thumbs up.

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Image result for sellomatic internet

sellomatic sets up and automates autoresponder emails for the best selling products on affiliate and sales sites like warrior plus. click bank and jvzoo and it keeps you up to date with all the latest offers

All the email swipes are professionally edited and formatted for the best results

It automatically adds your greeting, signature, and links to every email.

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It instantly sets up your emails which saves you thousands of hours and it makes you money on complete autopilot by sending emails when someone opts into your list which will create sales.

Its a very good product for a beginner or new affiliate marketer

All the email swipes are professionally made and engaging which therefore is where you will get sales through your affiliate links which we found awesome and very useful.

Basically, with sellomatic you will see awesome results from sending the email swipes to your list.

Its not the size of your list but the quality of your emails and as your list grows this product will create sales

The SellOMATIC, autoresponder will build a presence in your niche

 with the benefit of personalizing the emails it will help to build a relationship with your buyers.

Which we find Awesome!

Once you have purchased SELLOMATIC you can send emails daily.

In addition, you will be introducing your subscribers to what you believe in and this is something we know works.

In other words it is a complete package for email marketing as everything has been thought through and built for you and above all the product is tried and tested and proven.

so in conclusion, we give it a big Thumbs up!

SellOMatic ables you to do in MINUTES what would otherwise take you Months!

The time it saves to get your email swipes up and running and the training is numero uno for any internet marketer.


SellOMatic Affiliate Software


SellOMatic Affiliate Software


SellOMatic Affiliate Software


You Can Use SellOMatic For Any Niche!

Simply select the products you want to promote to your list, grab your affiliate links and publish your autoresponders!

  • asy To Use Web-Based Software
  • 500 Powerful Sales Emails
  • The Top Affiliate Product Offers
  • Pre-configured and easy to add with your greeting, links, and signature!
  • Instant Setup At GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and SendinBlue

Sellomatic UNLEASHES YOUR POTENTIAL as an affiliate marketer! SellOMatic Affiliate Software

  • SellOMatic Affiliate Software

Above all we know this product works and helps the internet marketer

In conclusion, it helps the internet marketer to build their online presence and mostly email presence with emails set up to engage buyers and create sales

the product is easy to use for the beginner and also the experienced internet marketer and we give this product a Thumbs up!

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try >>> SELL

if you would like some free Training

shop monopoly

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shop monopoly is created by Bryan winters who is a well known product creator who focuses on making it easier and simple for the online marketer.

He generally creates products that make it easy to get your online revenue up and running.

Image result for shop monopoly review

shop monopoly is simply patent-pending software for an established eCommerce store that’s proven on the web

It enables users to create unlimited e-com stores in 30 minutes or less each by filling out a simple form

 Inside there is a members area, where you will be revealed the secret to an instant free traffic source in forms of video and pdf.

we found it quick and easy to set up, once your a member you can display your stores at global marketplace shop monopoly for free where you receive all the profits if sales are made.

Which we find awesome!

At its core, Shop Monopoly is a product page builder. But there are many differences in this software than others out there.

it’s very hard to find features like this anywhere else to be fair it gives you a direct route and advantage in any market.

The differences are how it works.

The page designs and features that it provides are essential to keep the viewer engaged and focused on the product.

There are numerous other features that are so unique that Bryan has simplified for the complete beginner and ease of use.

It helps you create sales pages easily and quickly so you can get your sales funnel up and running and most certainly the revenue rolling in.

You can get other products alike but not for this price.

The pros far outweigh the cons, as you might expect.

As a result this tool offers you one of the fastest and most effective ways to get a professional looking and also converting sales pages published within minutes.

Also because you can simply add your PayPal account information.

You can be up and running almost straight away.

The sales and product pages are simple to use and very easy to publish, they are professional pages that gives you the tools to create sales, and get the money coming in.

  • It automatically lists your stores in the global ShopMonopoly shopper’s marketplace where you keep 100% of your profits… take zero fees from your sales – unlike the competitors
  • FREE training and traffic formula inside
  • beginner-friendly but the platform is also used by the pros
  • (says it all)
  • It helps you create fast ecom stores in minutes
  • Create product funnels effortlessly
  • Video training
  • Accept payment through Paypal’s Shopping Cart
  • No software or plug-ins to install!
  • It allows you to create colors fonts videos and create images and sell your products in detail effortlessly

In Conclusion we think shop monopoly is a top-notch platform

It has all the tools and information to get your eCommerce store up and running with all the training to create Sales.

It is very useful and for the price it is a no brainer.

thank you and we Recommend!


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Blox- review

Evergreen wealth Formula 2.0

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The Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 is an online Training course that teaches you how to make a full time income online with affiliate marketing

Selling other people’s products and services and getting paid a commission for each sale you make

The Evergreen Wealth Formula teaches you how to build a professional website and teaches you a proven way to get traffic.

It is the full Package for any beginner

It gives you all the content and materials to build a fully functioning Website with step by step training.

The Evergreen Wealth Formula states..

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?

James has created all the content you will need to succeed online so totally Beginner Friendly..

There is a lot of video training in the course which James takes you by the hand and walks you through the process.

The way james teaches is with a step by step approach which makes the training feel second nature

It does take a little while to setup but once you have setup everything it is fully automated, hence so once setup if you wanted, you would barely have to lift a finger.

  • He has created all the blog posts
  • sales copy
  • Website content
  • Email swipes

James teaches you the ways to get traffic to your website, He has totally tailored this for the complete Beginner in mind.

Also you can either use what James has created or slightly tweak it to become more personal to you

But what Evergreen wealth formula offers is the full Package so from start to finish you will have a fully functioning system..

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?

James also offers amazing support

If you get stuck at anytime he will personally reply back to you direct and help you with any problems or issues you may have

which we find Excellent!

There is also a friendly community in the Members area

As a result you can chat to members and James also with questions and queries and share common ground which therefor enables members to share there knowledge and experience..

win win..

James states…

Got a question about what’s been taught in this particular video?

If so, no problem, just leave your question below and I’ll get back to you with an answer to your question as soon as I can.

James regularly updates the course to simplify it and makes sure the methods work better.

which we find Awesome.

Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0

Also once you have access to the evergreen wealth formula you get Access for life!

When James updates the training, you will get access to all of his new training methods for Free for life!

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review
It definitely works and with a little hard work you will see results..

The training is top notch

Beginner Friendly

and simple to follow.

Its an easy to Digest Training course to build an online business.

Step by step training literally second by second..

In conclusion if you follow what you are taught consistently and precisely you will get results.

Probably the best system we have seen that is the full package

well done James.

>>The Evergreen Weath Formula 2.0 We couldn’t recommend enough!

Approved, Stamp, Approval, Quality
Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0

Evergreen Wealth

BLOX review

Good- INFO->>>>AFFILIATE Marketing-step-by-step-guide


These 4 ‘Secret Tweaks’ Enable Anyone to Make Money From ANY Affiliate Product…Without EVER Promoting It……

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BLOX Is advertised as promoting affiliate products without actually promoting affiliate product

Almost straight away we realised just how good it was….

A little Intro..

From: Mark Bishop
RE: Making Income from Affiliate Offers Without Promoting Affiliate Products

Mark States.. My name is Mark and YES, Even though I’m pretty successful today, it wasn’t always the case. I remember ‘Vividlly’ how hard it can be to find a method that just plain & simple works.

You see, when I started Internet Marketing I was a plumber here in the UK.

 I knew nothing about making money online… and I was hopeless at Tech (I still am). 

I worked every spare hour I could trying to achieve my goals & I made the same mistakes people are still making today.

Basically Blox is a complete and detailed system for generating a regular sustainable income from affiliate products without actually promoting a specific affiliate product.

BLOX It can be done by the complete beginner so 100% newbie Friendly

Blox is not Based on Theory.  Its a tried and Tested system you can start TODAY in just a couple of hours and even if you’re a complete beginner you could start making money in a few days.

It teaches you how to Build a business that will kick start your journey to building an online passive recurring Income.

In Short It Provides the help for Beginners To Get started..

  • Overview Full Copy [Training]
  • Details Page [Training]
  • Pre-Sell Post [Training]
  • Magnet – including 6 Magnet Sources [Training]
  • Traffic [Training]
  • Fast Start – Reference Guide

It States..


It’s Closer Than You Think!

Fast forward a few years (and a lot of sleepless nights!)… and, I’ve developed my own set of perfect online systems which now make me 100’s of Thousands of dollars every year… ‘Over 1.4 Million in the last 2 Years’

Income derived from several methods

The reality is… There are lots of closely guarded ‘Under The Radar’ formulas which enable absolutely anyone to make money online… they’re being exploited every day by people just like me & you…

BLOX This is by far the Easiest & Most Profitable Method I’ve EVER Used

With this course, You get FREE Access to the blog members Area

  • Teaches you how to Develop & source Magnets: Including using other people’s products freely and ethically (Yes it’s legal)… Follow this and find products to use in seconds.
  • Full Step-by-Step Process suitable for Beginners and seasoned Professionals alike.
  • The Secret Page: 20 – 30% of everyone who sees this page will result in you receiving commission from any affiliate product you like
  • BLOX Traffic… multi (Beginner friendly) Also FREE traffic sources included so you can get the Ball Rolling instantly.
  • Access to the Facebook Group
  • The Pre-Sell System: add this content to your blog (as detailed) and you WILL Make Money and build an automated Passive Income at the same time.
  • Videos covering the basic set up (designed for Beginners)
Approved, Stamp, Approval, Quality, Agreement, Label

All in All I would say BLOX is a Great course that is Tailored for the Absolute beginner.

It takes you By the Hand and walks you step By step to building an online passive Income Source

Well done mark we recommend your Course >> BLOX Website

We give This Course a 5 STAR Rating

We reviewed one of mark bishops training which we also recommend Trendds

Also if you would like some free training don’t forget to check out this link Free training

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