Build A simple WordPress Website

It can be a painful experience when people around you can build a simple Wordpress website and your creative ability is still lacking.

For people with little or no technical skills, learning how to build a simple Wordpress website can be a terrifying gesture. The truth is that reading through this comprehensive tutorial will help get rid of your fears when trying to create a website.

In this article, you will find a proven step-by-step guide to help you build a professional WP website that stands the test of time.

how to build a simple wordpress website

Building a website can be done in a multitude of ways, but WordPress is selected over any existing website creation platforms. Why is WordPress chosen over other website creation platforms?

WordPress is the most user-friendly and the easiest platform to help anyone build a website. It offers a wonderful interface for the creation of modern, full-fledged, and dynamic websites. 

WordPress is the most well-known and the best CMS platform that almost thirty-two percent of the online population use in building websites.

WooCommerce‘ is the eCommerce strength of WordPress and remains undisputed adoring and alluring. With this WordPress feature, you can enjoy a powerful and yet simple eCommerce solution that works for anyone with limited or abundant technical knowledge.

Before the creation of the WordPress feature called WooCommerce, creating an online store was a complicated issue. However, WordPress comes with SEO features, unrestricted design capabilities displaying thousands of plugins & themes, and massive support from world communities.

Is your quest for creating a modern website that operates with fully functional and top-notch dynamic features? The content here will help anyone of different skill levels and all ages to design or create a simple website that works.

The Difference Between And

In the creation of the WordPress platform, users will always enjoy two amazing flavors. Hosting remains the main difference between the two WordPress flavors.

While remains a self-hosted platform, is a complete web page creation service.

With, you will get all the ingredients and items to build a simple web page in one place. is the actual area to find WordPress content management software. 

The software the user gets has to be installed and downloaded in their hosting platform. When talking about, users will find a gamut of benefits as well as restrictions to design possibilities, customization, freedom, and much more. will always provide users the liberty of plugins, customization, design, hosting, and just to mention a few. Since the topic is centered on creating a WordPress website, it means using the platform as a software (

Simple Step By Step Method Of Building A simple WordPress Website

Step One: Find Your Domain Name:

To create a website, the first thing to do is for you to get a domain name. To identify any business online, the domain name will help to resolve the issue. Domain name simply means what can be used to identify or recognize your business.

build a simple wordpress website

In simple terms, a domain name means the URL or website address that people type into a browser search bar to navigate to your web page. Selecting a domain name can be a daunting task for many people. 

On this note, it is good to select a name comfortable for your website. Ensure that the selected domain name is short and simple to recognize by users.

Choosing a reliable domain extension such as .edu, .org, .net, or .com can help present your website better to prospective users. Today, there are a number of domain name providers such as d9 solutions, and more that can help people select the appropriate image for their online businesses. 

Step Two: Picking The Best Hosting Platform For Your WordPress Website:

Once the domain name for your website is selected, the next step remains to pick the right hosting platform. There are several WordPress hosting plans that people can select and use for their websites today. VPS, shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting are some of the most popular plans that you can select for your website. For instance, the VPS hosting plan will provide users some portion of server resources. 

In this type of hosting plan, you will have to share a server with other prospective VPS users. While there is a restriction to the number of users on this kind of plan, the shared hosting option gives more people the opportunity to use a single server. The VPS plan gives you the opportunity to get a gamut of server resources at any moment as your business grows.

It is also a highly secured hosting plan for your WordPress website. The only disadvantage of this plan is that it remains expensive for beginners and small business owners. 

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Step Three: Install WordPress Software:

On the hosting server, you will have to install and download the WordPress software. To install the WordPress software, you need some technical understanding and caution.

The good news is that most new, innovative, and creative WordPress hosting services often provide people one-click installation offer. It means that you will be able to get the latest edition of WordPress installed on your hosting service not more than one minute. 

Step Four: The Dashboard Of Your WordPress Website:

The back-end of the WordPress website remains the picture of the overall dashboard. With the dashboard, it is easy to personalize the website and control the site’s content.

The dashboard is user-friendly, simple and helps to highlight sections such as home, pages, posts, updates, appearance, comments, settings, tools, users, plugins, and collapse menu. 

Step Five: Use Powerful WordPress Templates And Themes:

WordPress templates and themes will help to give your website the best and attractive design that prospects can admire. With a theme, you will be able to get a picture of the overall design and outlook of your WordPress website.

With the help of several functionalities and customization options, these themes or templates will give you the best WordPress website that is attractive to anyone.

In a nutshell, templates and themes act as the skin or background of your website. On this note, it is better to select the best theme and template that brings the beauty of your WordPress website to the world. 

Step Six: The Security Of Your WordPress Website:

The security of a website is so crucial that you don’t have to ignore it. WordPress security challenges appear regularly due to the number of people using the platform to create a website.

For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that your WordPress website has the best security apparatus. To secure your WordPress website from brutal external attacks, simply make the admin and login pages strengthened. To make your website spam-free and clean, ensure to use WordPress plugins and themes from reliable and authorized sources. 

Step Seven: WordPress Website Plugins:

If you are looking to extend and add to the functionality or performance of your website, using WordPress plugins can work well.

These plugins are wonderful tools that can help to boost the overall capability of your WordPress website. WordPress plugins often come with personalized features and functions that can help people curtail their websites to the appropriate usage requirements.

Even if you don’t find certain functions in the themes offered by WordPress, plugins can do the work easily.  

Step Eight: Support For Your WordPress Website:

WordPress remains a free CMS that has grown to global size.

With the extensible international community of WordPress today, it is now easy to find wonderful documentation, tutorials, and resources online. On the WordPress community forums, you will find several professionals proving support and resolving pressing issues crucial to users. 

Step Nine: Search Engine Optimization For WordPress Websites:

Without a doubt, WordPress remains the most search engine optimization platform that anyone can use today. On WordPress, users will discover a fine-tuned search engine optimization structure that keeps your content safe and relevant.

For people using WordPress to create a website, search engine optimization remains a great benefit. Managing on-page search engine optimization is an easy task for the WordPress platform.

It also means that your website will rank faster and better on search engine platforms. Optimizing images, headings, title tags, permalinks, and other media items is easy when using the WordPress platform.

Step Ten: WordPress Website Analytics:

Every website owner should take the task of analyzing so important. Knowing how a website function is crucial after putting every effort to create one.

With comprehensive analytics, it is possible to know more about the website content, website traffic, website conversion, and much more. WordPress is a reliable platform that can help you understand the entire analytics of your website. 


One thing is certain about WordPress, it remains mobile-friendly and responsive. In every WordPress theme, you will discover that responsiveness remains a must-have feature. Following the above information in this content will help you build a WordPress website that converts.

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