Have you ever wanted to find out the easiest way to build a website?

Have you ever wondered how people make an income online?

and why they are so many people blogging and making thousands from it?

The reason why is because it can be very profitable and it can make you a lot of money…


building a website today is so simple compared to years before.

you don’t need to know one single line of code.

Below we show you an easy and simple way to get your website up and running and teach you the basics to get you on your way to earning that first income online.

The easiest way to build a website

1. How to Set up your blog

Get a Domain Name

The 1st thing you will need is a domain name, your domain name is the first thing people look for when they want to be directed to your website

Take a bit of time and think of a good domain name for your website

it needs to be niche specific to what your blog is going to be about

Once you have thought of a suitable domain name

You will need to register your domain at a registrar

you can check if your domain name is available HERE

Website Hosting

Hosting is where all of your content for your website lives

when someone clicks on your website or enters your domain the content for your website/blog will come from your hosting provider

The hosting you choose depends on the way you want to build your website/blog

Different types of web Hosting

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is perfect for beginners, its a place where your website is stored on the same server as thousands of other websites all with a shared hosting plan

If you get the basic hosting package you can always upgrade later

All the technical work is done for you and its the easiest way to get your website up and running…

Shared hosting is the cheapest way of hosting your website and you can get hosting plans from $5 to $10 per month

Dedicated server hosting

A dedicated server hosting is when basically you have your own dedicated server

you have the entire server all to yourself, you have a larger level of server resources and you can tailor and optimise it to the requirements of your website…

you can find some cheap dedicated hosting plans but the majority are quite expensive so it’s a good idea to shop around and get the best price available

Cloud Hosting

A cloud server is a virtual server run by many computers by an application, It is hosted and delivered by a cloud application platform via the Internet

Known as the virtual server

it can be a fast reliable and cost-effective way of running your website/blog but also, on the other hand, It can be not as secure as the other hosting options.

Business Email Address

You will need a Business Email address- just an email that’s Personal to your blog\website

A business email address is vital to looking professional and engaginging with your viewers/subscribers

If you need to send emails or contact your subscribers you want to look professional and you don’t want your emails going to the spam folder.

Blog/website Builder

Once you have your domain and hosting setup you will need a website builder

A website builder therefore is a platform for you to build a professional-looking website without any need for a professional website designer

It gives the beginner a quick and easy alternative to building a website quickly and efficiently.

and because your building it yourself

you personally know what your website is going to be about and how it wants to look so there is nobody better than you to build your own website.

There are a number of platforms/softwares that let you do that.

Here below are two options which we think are the best alternatives.


WordPress is user friendly and ideal for newbie/beginners

You can build a fully functioning website with little technical expertise.

All the user needs is a domain name and web hosting and your wordpress website builder can be installed for free

Then you will see your easy to use admin dashboard and layout where you can customise your website simply and easily.

WordPress enables you to choose a theme and change the look of your website.

You can install plugins that put features on your website such as galleries, contact forms, landing pages, social media integration, and also plugins that improve the running speed and performance and thousands more…

WordPress is something we recommend and there are a number of professional websites below using WordPress just to name a few.


Wix is one of the easiest ways to build a website

there are a number of price plans available the free option lets you build your site on there url so you won’t need a domain name

or if you would like a more personal domain name which gives off a more professional look that adds credibility to your brand you will have to go with the paid options

Wix enables you to set up a fully functioning website with hundreds of templates to choose from to suit all niches

it has an intuitive editing process which makes it easy to customise your site

Build a Brand logo design

A great logo not only gives a good first impression it also gives your website/business identity and makes it easier to build a brand

From the three stripes of Adidas to the bold tick of Nike it represents in the simplest form

your logo will help you build a unique identity and a professional image that people will remember…

Creating content

Creating content isn’t so easy unless you have a vast knowledge of information on a certain subject or you are good at outsourcing information.

what many people do is copy and paste information from the Internet rather than write what they know or what they have learned in result writing duplicate content that doesn’t rank so well in google

so no 1st page results and no traffic…

Ways to create unique content

Think about what you know and write down what you know and have learnt

what do you know and what are you interested in?

reating content around what you know is the easiest option because it will be personal to you and your personal knowledge therefor written in your own words

Finding good sources of information

if your not knowledgable on a certain subject or the subject you want to base your website on

You can find good quality content from a number of different sources.

  • Books
  • Websites
  • blogs
  • Videos

Learn to know your audience know what they want and deliver.

Monitoring your website with Google analytics

Google Analytics enables you to analyze and track the visitors that come to your website.

It provides you with key insights into how your website is performing and how visitors navigate through your site.

You can track everything from where your traffic is coming from to how your visitors are behaving from page to post,

Google Analytics can help you gain an understanding of your visitors and it is an exceptional tool which will help you fine tune your website to meet your goals.

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