investing in gold today is a good time as any

Gold has been used by the masses and has been a vital tradeable asset for millennia.

History shows that the first humans that came in contact with gold were accustomed to the metal from the start and have been infatuated with the metal ever since.

Since the time man picked up his first golden nugget.

from the ancient Egyptians to modern-day treasuries there is no other metal that has had the type of influential role that gold has had.

Investing in gold today

No matter the political or financial climate gold has always maintained its value

Gold is the ultimate form of currency, of all the minerals mined from the Earth none is more useful than gold, The usefulness of gold has always shined, and been very useful through its diversity of golds special properties…

It can conduct electricity, It does not tarnish or rust or stain and is very easy to work with gold blends with other metals and can simply be broken down to sheets and wires

because of these unique points of quality and uses gold to this day is used in many ways by modern man.

Ancient civilizations and their love of gold

The earliest recorded metal employed by humans appears to be gold.

Small amounts of natural gold have been found in Spanish caves used during the late Paleolithic period, 40,000 BC.

 Gold artefacts made their first appearance at the very beginning of the pre-dynastic period in Egypt, at the end of the fifth millennium BC and the start of the fourth..

Ancient Egyptians began creating objects out of gold as early as 1200 BCE before the Egyptians had even established a written language.

Gold is one the earliest types of metals to be extracted and used.

It’s yellow color has been valued for thousands of years the primary uses of gold were for ornamental arts and jewelry.

In ancient civilizations all around the world, it was the wealthiest members of society who were adorned with the precious metal

Its name originated from an old English word that was used to refer to the colour yellow, ‘geolu’ Gold was used by the craftsman of ancient civilizations to make not only wearable jewellery items but also for embellishing temples, tombs, ornaments for their kings and also in making deities.

Gold was linked to immortality, Egyptians believed gold was a heavenly metal and was indestructible gold is still reconised to this day as the most valuable metal on the planet.

Investing in Gold today

Gold is popularly considered as a hedge against inflation as It has a direct relationship with inflation.

Investing in gold

During periods of inflation, investors feared that stocks and debt funds could underperform but that wasn’t the case the price of gold has always risen with inflation and it has shown to be a good safeguard for investment throughout time

one of the key factors which has made gold a good investment is liquidity

Investing in gold today

Gold can be easily converted into cash whenever you want when compared to other investments.

Gold is easily tradable

one of the factors which makes gold a good investment is liquidity.

Gold can be easily converted into cash whenever you want. When compared to other investments, gold is the only investment which has high liquidity.

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