That’s the dream right? Making money while still in your pajamas without worrying about losing your job.

A lot of people keep striving to achieve that, even you. You’ve searched online for different methods and have found many of them which you’ve tried, but none seems to work!

You keep trying though, hoping to find something and here you are.

We have everything you need to get started and make money online like a boss!

In this article, we will cover Four different ways people make money online and how to get you started and make money online too!

Read on for more.


Here are the three methods people use to make money online successfully and Learn how to make money online like a boss working from the comfort of your home, check them out and try out the one you think will work for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and isn’t so hard to start, you can start for very little, It has a low start up cost.

Starting Affiliate marketing can be as easy as sharing an affiliate link on social media and if someone purchases through that link you get your commission and percentage of that sale.

So your aim is to get that link out there in as many ways as possible to Create sales

You have to choose a product to promote wisely and find something that pays a good commission and is high in demand.

Most companies out there have affiliate schemes were you can promote there products so it won’t be hard to find what you can market,

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If you are a great writer and write good content that are useful to people, you can make money online by self-publishing your eBooks on popular sites and earn when someone purchases them.

Here are some places you can self-publish them and start making money with them:

AMAZON KINDLE: With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can publish your book on amazon and start making money from it.

Amazon is a very popular place and is one of the best places to publish your eBook, the store will get you a lot of exposure too, and publishing on amazon is absolutely free!

BARNES AND NOBLE: Here’s another popular store, there are well-known with a lot of subscribers too, publishing your book here will give you the needed exposure and get you ready for your first sale!

The platform also allows for collaboration, so if you are working on your book with someone else, this is a good platform to look into.

IBOOKS: This platform is available for readers with apple devices like IPhone, IPad and Mac, so if you are targeting this group of people or have an eBook with lots of multimedia, this is a good platform I’d suggest you look into.

So, choose one of those three platforms and start your self-publishing journey, there are other sites too that also offers self-publishing, so, do some research, come up with them and publish your book on the one you like most and start earning.


One of the most popular ways to make money online, a lot of people are making money as freelancers for different sites.

Freelancing is when someone with a particular skill set bids for jobs posted by individuals and businesses online, so as to complete them for a fee.

 There are many freelancing sites available online where you can bid for any type of job you can do, sites like fiverr and upwork which are the leading freelancing marketplaces online.

No matter what type of skill you have or even if you have none, there are jobs available which you can start bidding on and earn from them.

Although now very competitive, the freelancing marketplace provides you with the opportunity to make money online without having to step out of your front door and it’s definitely a great option to try in your making money online quest, so check it out and see whether it works for you too.


 Ever heard of paid surveys?

This is another great way of making quick cash online and is definitely worth a look.

Companies or businesses looking for the public’s opinion about their product or services sends out surveys to be taken by people for a fee which the company pays.

If you are looking for a quick way of making money online, then you should try out some of the survey sites which are available online.

These sites are great if you are just looking for some money to cover up expenses but are not guaranteed to make you rich.

So if you are a student looking for extra ways to make money online, try out some of this survey sites to get started and you will not only be earning from it but will also be providing your valuable opinions to the companies too.

So, with these four different ways, you can start earning online and be your own boss without working for anyone!

Try out any that works for you and get started on your making money online journey!

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