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First of all Trendds is another amazing product from Mark bishop and it is a viral Software platform

It enables you to find the most searched keywords in any niche.

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Trennds enables anyone to be able to see live trending niches and keywords.

  • It finds trending words that have been used recently online and also on that precise moment.
  • It shows you all phrases related to your market.
  • Helps you to rank and gain organic traffic and gives you a back door into any market.
  • Discover ‘Breakout’ trending content which is totally begginner friendly.
  • Users can link there blogs to the trends platform for easy and simple posting.
  • Helps the online marketer drive following and engagement.
  • No need to download because it is web based.
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Trends is a SaaS viral platform that finds viral content and related keywords and phrases and therefor is used to organically rank a blog or webpage.

It features a beginner friendly dashboard and built in search function.

You can customize your searches based on your keyword, language and location and time scale.

Trendds features viral content curation and enables you to build your blogs/websites by partnering them with your trendds dashboard

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Trendds enables you to post to facebook and twitter and share capabilities and provides product monetization as a result enables you to make money from products from amazon and wallmart.


This product is beginner friendly and does not require technical expertise to use.

we reviewed a similar product called Evergreen wealth formula

Trendds is bundled with 500 monthly keyword searches, 10 blog posts per month, post management features, and step by step video training content.

There are many websites specializing in creating news feeds and usefull informatation and as a matter of fact a lot of those sites have the ability to earn thousands

for instance tech crunch reported to make $14,818 per day

This is a very useful tool to gain that advantage.

Trends by mark bishop

trends consequently makes it simple for the user to find what is popular and trending at that precise moment in time whice furthermore enables the internet marketer to capitalize on that popular keyword and in contrast backdoor into any niche or market.

In conclusion it helps the internet marketer attract visitors to there site through what’s trending at that time

It enables you to have a keen advantage and is a useful for any up and coming or established internet marketer which we find awesome.

So in conclusion with give this product a thumbs up.

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